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Payment Explanation and Rules

We support USDT payment for specific currencies to create more possibilities for user needs.

Different Ways to Earn

Before, mining digital coins meant only getting that coin. Mine Bitcoin, get Bitcoin.

Now, more choices! You can mine Bitcoin or others, but you get paid in USDT. This is easier and more flexible.

Real-Time USDT Prices, Less Risk

Selling coins after mining can be risky due to market changes.

With real-time USDT prices, your earnings are locked in USDT right away. No more missing good prices.

Note: Our price ticker tries to match real-time prices as close as possible.

Steady Money

This new way means less worry about crypto market ups and downs.

Your mining money is now in USDT. This makes your earnings more steady and less risky.

Supported Coins


Supported Protocol


Payment Time (UTC+8)


Minimum for Payment


Transfer Fee


Q: How to Start?

A: Use a Polygon USDT wallet address. Start with 'usdt:' and don't include '0x'.

Example: usdt:ee2a5fa5a014f693ffa15c5639476d913ff12d06

Miners get paid in USDT on the miner's page.